CamelBak Podium Dirt 0,6L Black


The Podium® Dirt Series is the premium bike bottle for mountain bikers who prioritize performance and functionality above all else.

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  • A drinking bottle designed for cycling, with a Mud Cap protection cap that protects the Jet valve nozzle from dirt. Thanks to the non-drip Jet Valve spout, always open and always closed! Stays perfectly in the bike bottle holder and is easy to use. Podium enables drinking without slowing down, without splashing water and losing concentration. Also perfectly suited for the gym and other versatile sports use.
  • The cap has an excellent locking function for transport. The bottle can be used both by sucking from the mouthpiece and by squeezing if you want to increase the flow of water. Made of TruTaste polypropylene, a material that does not cause any odors or tastes in the water, Internal surfaces all over with HydroGuard antibacterial coating. Easy to clean.
  • Volume 0.6L
    Height 22.5 cm
  • Material and manufacturing defect warranty 2 years