Ski Maintenance

Ski maintenance is important for a successful ski trip or downhill day. When the ski slips in any weather and the equipment is properly maintained, winter exercise is meaningful and enjoyable. Tea at the Äkäslompolo Sportshop! We maintain cross-country skiing equipment, ski equipment and snowboards. In addition, we make shortening of ski poles.

If you don’t have your own skis yet, you can test the products before you buy. You can also rent equipment for skiing or downhill skiing from us in decent price for several days. Äkäslompolo Sportshop will serve you with your equipment needs in a versatile and expert manner.


Cross country equipment – Prices

Basic maintenance
(incl. cleaning, grip and glidewax)

30 €

Basic maintenance for klister/tape skis

35 €
Summer maintenance 20 €
Grip waxing 5 €
Grip waxing (klister) 7 €
Grip waxin (tape) 10 €
Grip change 10 €
Grip change (klister) 20 €
Grip change (tape) 20 €
Glide waxing 10 €
Glide waxing (LF) 15 €
Glide waxing (base) 7 €
Klister/tape cleaning 15 €


Downhill ski and snow board equipment – prices

Ski waxing 25 €
Board waxing 30 €


other services – PRICES

Shortening the poles

10 €
Changing the basket per pole 2,5 €
Binding install/replacement

40-80 € / Marker Griffon/Jester/Rottefella NTN/Salomon guardian etc.

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