Thermos Midnight Red 0,75l Termospullo


Thermos has long been really popular with outdoor activities. The bottle combines lightness, durability and guaranteed heat resistance. The Midnight Series products have a patented easy-to-use automatic cap that can be disassembled for washing. The thermos bottle cap closes spontaneously if the bottle crashes or the drinking cup is twisted. The bottle keeps the drink hot for 12 h and cool 24 hours.

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  • Volume: 0,75L
  • Overwhelming thermal insulation
  • Keeps hot 12 h and cool 24 h
  • Vacuum remains high quality for several years
  • A durable full steel indoor and outer shell
  • The inner surface of the bottle is electro-polished (EP), which reduces the residues of taste or odor
  • Drinking cup
  • Cap material is BPA (bisfenol-a) free