Vaude Performance 7 L – Sleeping Mat


Special construction combined with advanced materials and a round shape. Mattress dimensions: 196 x 59 x 7 cm. You need to tweak in comfort and warmth. Stitched Primaloft® insulation adds a critical layer of protection against cold ground.
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  • super lightweight insulation pad with an exceptionally small pack size
  • air chambers aligned lengthwise ensure an ideal relation between
  • weight and insulation
  • rounded corners for lightest weight at maximum comfort
  • exceptionally small pack size for easy transport, even in a daypack
  • easy-to-use VAUDE flat valve
  • Primaloft® Black Insulation ECO for the best warmth
  • welded insulation on upper side for best thermal retention and heat reflection
  • comes with a pack sack for transport and storage
  • comes with emergency repair kit
  • R-Value (thermal resistance): 2.5; Temperature: -2°C / 28°F
  • Measured according to ASTM F3340-18
  • Pump Sack: optionally available, Model: 12