Ugg Neumel Weather Hybrid Men’s Shoes


Ugg Neumerl Weather Hybrid men’s shoes have a pleasant feeling on the feet and are warm even in severe frosts. The shoes are suitable for moderate rain and snow. Ugg Neumel Weather Hybrd shoes have an EVA insole. We recommend treating the shoes with a protective spray so that the shoes stay good for as long as possible.

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  • UGGplush 60% recycled wool, 40% lyocell lining
  • UGGplush 60% recycled wool, 40% lyocell insole
  • Molded EVA insole
  • SugarSole EVA outsole
  • Cold weather -20C
  • Embossed UGG logo on the heel
  • Silicone wellies
  • Permanent foam galoshes
  • Best for: Light to moderate rain, light snow

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