Alfa Stad Men’s Winter Shoes


ALFA Stad are comfortable, warm and trendy winter shoes which were crowned the winner at the Scandinavian Outdoor Award for material use, design and presentation. Both the upper material and lining are ecological Norwegian wool, woven at Gudbrandsdalens Wool Factory. Weaving the wool makes it more durable, naturally breathable, water repellant and insulated.

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  • The upper and toe cap are strengthened with Nubuck leather for extra protection. This is a robust winter shoe which retains its out-of-the-box properties, without the need for impregnation or maintenance.
  • The outer sole utilises ALFA’s unique rubber blend from Vibram®, which provides a secure grip on snow covered surfaces. The EVA midsole is comfortable and adds support. The unique pattern has a specially made rubber compound that ensures good grip and increased friction, especially on damp and loose surfaces.
  • Wool isn’t only about its technical advantages; it’s also a great choice for the environment. Wool has a long life and is 100% natural, renewable and biologically degradable. Wool is extremely elastic and durable. Woven fibres are even more wear-resistant that felted wool. Norwegian wool is thick, resilient and robust, which makes it appropriate for weaving, and a good textile choice for products that require solid materials, such as shoes.