Mons Royale Redwood Enduro Vt Women’s T-shirt


The Mons Royale women’s cycling t-shirt is designed for long distances and multi-day adventures in all conditions. The shirt’s material mix keeps you cool on hot days and warms you when it’s a little colder.

Alin hinta 30-päivän ajalta ( 25.7.2024 ): 72,00 
  • Fit: Normal
  • Features: High V-neck, perfect for cycling
  • Breathable merino wool
  • Longer back hem
  • Zippered back pocket for small items
  • Sunglasses towel in a shirt
  • Fabric: Merino Air-Con, weight: 140 gsm
  • Material: 83% merino wool 13% nylon 4% elastane