Grangers Wash+Repel Clothing 2In1 300Ml


Grangers Wash+Repel Clothing 2In1 300Ml combined detergent and impregnation for all outdoor textiles. Cleans, returns the fabric to water repellent, and removes odors. New environmentally friendly Bluesign-certified APT Advanced Polymer Technology formulation that is PFC-free and effective. 2 in 1 is a fast and energy-efficient way to treat clothes: Cleans gently and efficiently and saturates the garment during the same wash. Suitable for Gore-Tex and other waterproof and breathable clothing as well as all types of other outdoor clothing. Preserves the textile’s properties and optimizes the textile’s breathability. Long-lasting impregnation that helps to keep the surface fabric of the product water-repellent and stain-free. Odorless and leaves no residue on textiles. Does not contain UV brighteners, bleaches or perfumes. One 300 ml bottle is enough to treat about five items of clothing.

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  • Instructions:
    1. Close all zippers and Velcro.
    2. Shake the bottle and pour the right amount of Grangers 2 in 1 Clothing Wash and Repel into the washing machine: Two 50 ml caps to treat one garment. To achieve the best result, the clothes are recommended to be washed separately.
    3. Add clothes. Wash the garment according to the washing instructions with a warm program that includes rinsing. The 2 in 1 impregnation works effectively even at a washing temperature of 30°. Let the washing machine go through the entire washing and rinsing program. Do not use fabric softeners.
    4. Heat activation is necessary for the impregnating agent to activate to work: dry the clothes in a drying cabinet or tumble dryer on medium heat for 60 minutes. Let the textiles spin freely in the dryer. Avoid too much heat (the impregnating agent is activated in heat, so tumble drying or ironing is essential to achieve the best result).