Lenz 5.1 Slim Fit Heat Sock


All of Lenz’s Thermal Socks have been renewed. The leg parts of the socks are now even more flexible, now even bigger calves are not squeezed. Slim fit is thinner and more compact than the basic model at the foot. More flexible material completes the perfect fit. We recommend this especially for shoes where there is no room for thick socks. All thermal socks have Lenz’s patented ToeCap thermal elements above and below the toes. Heat elements are not noticed, and cannot be recognized by anything other than warm toes.

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  • the best possible material composition of merino wool and silk, as well as technical fibers
  • anatomically well shaped (left-right) – excellent fit in the metatarsal area
  • reinforced heel, toe area and lower leg
  • the locking ring in the arch of the foot keeps the sock well in place
  • sizes 31-34, 35-38, 39-41, 42-44 and 45-47 (corresponds well to the Finnish concept of size)
  • made in Europe
  • compatible with Lenz 1200 RCB, 1800 RCB and 1200 RED battery packs (sold separately)