Devold Expedition Woman Long Johns


DEVOLD EXPEDITION WOMAN LONG JOHNS. Naisten lämpimät ja kosteutta siirtävät alushousut, joiden sisäpinta on 100% merinovillaa ja ulkopinta kestävää merinovilla-polyamidi-sekoitetta.

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DEVOLD EXPEDITION WOMAN LONG JOHNS, naisten villaiset alushousut

Devold® Expedition is constructed as a dual layer wool underwear garment for extreme weather conditions, proven on several polar expeditions. The inner layer is made of 100 % Merino wool, while the outer layer is 90 % Aquaduct treated Merino wool combined with 10 % polyamide to improve durability. Devold® Expedition insulates extremely well and has a unique ability to transport moisture. The Aquaduct Merino wool is specifically designed to move moisture away from the skin side of the fabric to the outer surface where it evaporates.