Dahlie Wool Pants Men


DAHLIE WOOL PANTS MEN. Miesten lämpimät, säänkestävät ja joustavat hiihtohousut, joissa on villaeriste. Housuissa on vetoketjulliset lahkeet ja säädettävä vyötärö.

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DAHLIE WOOL PANTS MEN, miesten lämpimät hiihtohousut

Pants Wool are comfortable and warm, all-round cross-country skiing pants intended for exercise at cold temperatures. They feature wind and water resistant softshell material in the front and on the upper part of the backside. A soft and insulating wool stretch fabric on the back of the legs provides good ventilation. The rest of the pants are lined with elastic and durable wool and 3/4 zippers in the legs allows them to be used as a pullover pant. An individual fit is possible thanks to a waist with an inner draw cord.


Softshell wool inside
Bionic Finish Eco®
Double wool layer backside bum
Woolstretch insert backside bottom for warmth and enhanced movement
Elastic wiastband with drawstring
Gusset in elastic material for enhanced movement
1 sidepocket
3/4 zipper with clickdown
Regular fit