Dachstein Dach-Steiner Women


DACHSTEIN DACH-STEINER WOMEN. Hengittävä, joustava, kevyt, kosteutta siirtävä sekä vettä- ja likaa hylkivä naisten vapaa-ajan kenkä. Kengän pintamateriaali on villaa. Kengässä on UrbanFlex-pohjallinen, EVA-välipohja ja pitävä kuminen ulkopohja. UK-koot.

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DACHSTEIN DACH-STEINER WOMEN, naisten huopakankainen vapaa-ajan kenkä

Genuine Schladminger Loden
Water and dirt repellent
Mesh lining for better heat regulation and breathability
Self developed and lightweight Dachstein sole with a EVA midsole and rubber sole
Made in Europe

Loden regulates your shoe temperature perfectly. Its fibres are breathable, while also insulating ideally in hot and cold conditions. This material is capable of soaking up plenty of moisture without feeling wet or transferring moisture to the feet.

With its superior quality original Steiner all-loden uppers and inner mesh lining, Dach-Steiner, the first loden sneaker, guarantees a pleasant ‘climate’ in the interior of the shoe – even on the hottest days. Dachstein has developed its own UrbanFlex sole with an EVA midsole and non-slip rubber outsole to correspond with the expectations of a feather-light sole. The seam stitch connection between the sole and uppers makes the Dach-Steiner extremely flexible. Shoe care for this naturally water and dirt-resistant sneaker is very simple, and the uncomplicated, natural appearance makes Dach-Steiner a great companion – wherever you go.