Salomon Aksium 2.0 Photo Ski Goggles


Sporting a fresh look, Salomon’s fully revamped Aksium 2.0 delivers all the fit and protection you’ll need for Carefree days on the slopes. The Photochromic lens offers a wide field of vision that flawlessly adapts to varying light conditions, while the flexible frame and anatomical fit pack durable performance and comfort into a Sensible price.

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  • Photochromic technology. Reacts to changing light conditions by dynamically adjusting the lens tint from lighter to darker
  • An extreme field of view that provides an excellent vertical and horizontal view
  • Provides maximum airflow, bringing fresh air into the goggles while pulling moisture out
  • Filters 100% UV rays and prevents eye damage caused by the sun
  • Soft and comfortable PU foam with a velvet layer guarantees excellent skin contact
  • Especially researched for prescription glasses used under glasses
  • Strap with silicone backing. Smooth and safe grip on the helmet
  • Quick strap length adjustment
  • Quick and easy lens change
  • Perfect fit and airflow circulation with the helmet
  • Keep the goggles inside and try a microfiber cloth to clean the lens properly