Norrona Ski/Snowboeard Bib M’s


Norrona Ski/Snowboeard Bib men’s zippered bibs are compatible with Norrona ski pants. They provide additional protection against snow and wind.

  • The zipper that fits the pants has these measurements per size.
    • Height: 88 cm
      M: 94 cm
      L: 100 cm
      XL: 106 cm
      XXL: 112 cm
  • These men’s braces are compatible with:
    Lofoten Gore-Tex Pro Plus M pants
    Lofoten Gore-Tex Pro Pants M
    Lofoten Gore-Tex M trousers
    Lofoten Gore-Tex insulated M trousers
    tamok Gore-Tex Thermo40 Pants M pants
    Lyngen Gore-Tex Pro Pants M