Fischer Twin Skin Race Stiff Classic Ski


The Lightweight high-quality Twin Skin ski in Air Core construction: the Twin Skin Race provides perfect grip and excellent gliding properties with new characteristics and two wider mohair strips. The perfect partner also for hard and icy conditions.

Skis are sold without bindings, bindings can be purchased separately. When buying skis, please contact us on 044 737 8572, or by email at, and we will find the ski solution that best suits your needs.

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  • Very stable and rotationally rigid structure with particularly stable sidewalls. Volcanic Basalt fibers enable minimal weight and temperature-independent, perfect flexibility properties.
  • For racers. Minimises differences in residual tension and camber pressure. Top climbing and kick performance.
  • Racing ski construction with a long and dynamic base. Excellent cold weather ski for hard cans.
  • The Plus model has a deeper and rougher sole pattern that works best in warm and humid conditions. Made using natural diamond.
  • Hot fluorine lubrication made with an infrared ray. Excellent glide and protection against dirt and oxidation. VAUHTI creams guarantee the final result.
  • Finishing is now called Finish First. The term covers and connects all individual finishing technologies into a single entity.
  • The reinforced structure of the ski extends the life of the ski. Even distribution of pressure allows the cream to wear evenly.
  • The next generation in ski pairing. A fully automated dynamic measurement system with versatile pair selection criteria ensures an accurate and optimal pair of skis.
  • Two separate asymmetrically placed holding hairs on both sides of the shoulder. The mohair grip hairs are embedded in the base material deeper than the front, and this way a very good glide and grip is achieved in all conditions.