Bliz Active Fusion Nordic Light Sport Glasses


This Fusion Nordic Light is a unique model, technically advanced and fully adjustable. Light weight and fitted with Jawbone technology. Adjustable nose pad and temple tips provide superior comfort. The large, ventilated cylindrical lens maximizes your field of view.
Fusion Nano Optics Nordic Light is equipped with a Nordic Light lens, a high-tech lens that significantly enhances the contrasts in poor visibility conditions (flat light). The lens also has minimal distortion and integrated anti-fog properties. The result is the perfect choice for cycling, skiing and other demanding sports.
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  • All Bliz Active products are CE-marked which means that we follow the basic health- and safety demands which can be found in the EU- Directives. You can find this manual in the product box.
  • Bliz Active Eyewear protect your eyes efficiently against harmful UVA and UVB-rays.
  • EXTREME CONTRAST/ MINIMAL DISTORTION/ NANO ANTI-FOG/ NORDIC LIGHT is a unique high tech lens which considerably enhances the contrasts and colors, giving you a clear and crisp vision in low light conditions and flat light.
  • Bliz Hydro Lens Technology A lens that’s delivers Perfect Curve, Max UV-Protection, X-PC Shatter Proof, Hydrophobic and Anti Scratch.
  • Provides a premium feel and quality to your eyewear and helps you expand the life of your temples.
  • The nose pad is adjustable for a more comfortable and optimal fit around your nose.
  • The Jawbone Technology allows you to easily change the appearance with different colors of Jawbone.
  • This glasses has friction rubber temple tips