Bergans Akeleie Women’s Baselayer Shirt

Warm, moisture-wicking women’s undershirt with merino wool and polyester in a 2-layer construction.

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Akeleie is part of a two-layer wool-based series made from a combination of merino wool and polyester. Thanks to the two-layer construction, the fabric can retain more air to improve insulation. The combination of wool and synthetic fibers makes the garments very absorbent and insulates at different temperatures and activity levels. The Akeleie series is also suitable for those who do not want wool next to the skin. Akeleie can be used both as the innermost layer, right next to the skin or as an intermediate layer on thin clothing Bergans 100% merino wool.

52% polyester / 48% wool (merino)
220 g / m²
195 microns