Craft Core Glide Hood Women’s Ski Jacket


The Glide Hood Jacket is a technical ski jacket. It is made of three-layer wind and waterproof VENTAIR fabric and is intended for training in cold weather. This versatile hooded jacket has elastic jersey side pieces and the underside of the sleeves that are optimally ventilated and adapt to body temperature. Pair with weather-appropriate midlayers under the jacket. The perfect pair for Glide Wind Tights or Glide FZ Pants.

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  • VENTAIR represents the latest and best fabric systems. It is a highly advanced water and wind protection system combined with excellent breathability and moisture transfer. Minimum requirements: VP >8,000 and MVP >8,000.
  • Elastic VENTAIR, three-layer wind and waterproof fabric (VP 8,000/MVP 8,000)
  • Technical and elastic jersey on the sides and under the sleeves
  • The adjustable hood protects against bad weather
  • Two zippered front pockets