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Arcteryx Sabre Takki Men'S

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Saatavuus: Varastossa

ARCTERYX SABRE JACKET MEN'S. Miesten hengittävä, tuulen- ja vedenpitävä goretex-kuoritakki, jonka harjattu sisäpinta antaa flanelimaisen tunteen. Säädettävä helma ja huppu, jonka alle mahtuu kypärä. Lumilukko helmassa, vetoketjulliset tuuletusaukot kainaloissa. Useita taskuja. Rento istuvuus. Paino 690 g.


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ARCTERYX SABRE JACKET MEN'S, miesten gore-tex -kuoritakki

Specifically created for on area snow and off area exploration with design and features optimized for big mountain skiing and freeriding. Has relaxed fit, with updated style lines. FOCUS AND REASON Always with a focus on streamlining function to its essence without compromising performance, Arc’teryx optimized the Sabre Jacket with features to handle the vertical aspects of big mountain skiing. The helmet compatible StormHood™ cinches securely, providing full coverage with exceptional visibility. Rapid ventilation on traverses and ascents come from WaterTight™ pit zips, and the integrated powder skirt is created to deliver a secure fit in deep powder. Pockets are designed and placed to provide security and accessibility, even with a pack on. The streamlined WaterTight™ Vislon zipper in the front seals tight. ALL ONE Base layer to hardshell, Arc’teryx designers put focused attention towards creating clothing layers and equipment that can work together to maximize function and performance. Patterning and features align to deliver optimal freedom of motion, breathability and protection. Taking this design commitment to the next level, the Sabre Jacket’s Slide’n Loc™ attachments link to the Sabre Pants to create a snowproof system that works as a single unit.