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Bergans Fjellrapp Half Zip M

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Saatavuus: Varastossa

BERGANS FJELLRAPP HALF ZIP M. Miesten kevyt ja lämmin aluspaita, 100% merinovillaa.


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BERGANS FJELLRAPP HALF ZIP M, miesten villainen aluspaita

Fjellrapp is part of the lightweight series, Bergans’ most versatile series of woolen garments in 100 % Merino wool developed for all types of activities. Fjellrapp is composed of woolen garments that can be used every single day during the winter season, which maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the varied activity levels of the day. Just as good for everyday use as for an active outdoor lifestyle. The natural choice, regardless of activity level. Fjellrapp is suitable for stand-alone use, as a base layer right next to the skin, or as a midlayer on top of another, thinner woolen shirt by Bergans. Ideal for multilayering! 100 % Wool(Merino) Weight: 210 g/m² Fiber: 185 micron Size: S-XXL Weight: 245 g (size L)