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Arc'Teryx Rampart Pant Men'S

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Saatavuus: Varastossa

ARC'TERYX RAMPART PANT MEN'S. Kestävät, kevyet ja hengittävät vaellushousut kaikenlaiseen ulkoiluun. UPF 50+ aurinkosuoja. Reisitaskut, hankaamaton vyötärö. Materiaali: TerraTex™. Paino: 282 g.


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RAMPART PANT Designed specifically for hiking and trekking, the Rampart Pant is versatile, lightweight, quick drying and patterned with articulation and a hint of stretch for a full range of motion. Features focus on purpose. Two cargo pockets hold energy foods, gloves or a toque, and are easily accessed while wearing a pack. The fit and patterning are geared for the trail. Articulation, a gusseted crotch and stretch material provide freedom of movement. The wide waistband rests securely and is patterned to minimize hipbelt irritation. BIG TERRAIN Balancing durability with weight, the Rampart Pant is part of Arc’teryx Traverse, a comprehensive collection of products built to explore the mountains and big terrain on foot. Comprised of footwear, packs and apparel, everything works together to deliver Arc’teryx freedom of movement, performance and reliability. TERRATEX™ Traveling by trail requires materials than can adapt and handle a variety of conditions. Durability is essential. But trail clothing needs to allow sufficient airflow, move with the body, and dry quickly should it become wet from perspiration or weather. To meet these multiple demands, Arc’teryx selected TerraTex™ for the Rampart Pant. Made with from a nylon plain weave with elastane fibers, this comfortable, lightweight fabric has a degree of stretch, delivers UPF 50+ rated sun protection, dries quickly and is extremely air permeable.